Directors’ Statement

The rapid decline of our planet’s fisheries is well documented. The devastated fisheries of northern California are a microcosm of the planet’s larger problems. Once a major salmon producing region, in 2008 state and federal agencies agreed upon a complete closure of ocean and recreational ocean fishing off the California coast.

While much attention has turned to the crippled commercial fishing industry, Rivers of a Lost Coast examines the situation through the unique, little-known history of California’s north coast fly fishing community. From this rare perspective, our documentary provides a symbolic, melancholy reflection on a wild California that has been lost to the growing metropolis.

Rivers of a Lost Coast follows California’s coastal fly fishing community through the rise and collapse of one of the world’s most magical fisheries. To some, this is a story about time and place, about a California that was. To others, it is a story about who we are, what we need and where we are going.